The Best Floor Mats for BMW X3

Isn’t it embarrassing to answer your friend, why is your car – the most stylish BMW X3 – stinking? Hard to reply, but, of course, a long time of dirt and debris gets your cabin to it. That’s why we say having the best floor mats for BMW X3 is a must.

Below we have mentioned the mats that will make your car floor look sleek, uniform, and free of dirt, dust, and spills. Skim through to choose one of the best options to fit your car.

BMW 51472450511 - Best Floor Mats for BMW X3

Coming from the BMW Company itself, BMW 51472450511 floor mats are the exact fit for the BMW X3. They satisfy the looks of the interior with their nice aesthetics. While the logo aligns with the other logos of the BMW in your car.

Best Floor Mats For BMW X3
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Integrated with ridges and textured shapes, the mat catches all the debris from your shoes before they reach your carpet. Unlike WeatherTech mats, they cannot hold gallons of water, but they do prevent some.

The Velcro disc on the bottom is made to attach to the circle on your BMW floor. They get installed easily, and the credit also goes to their single-piece design. Each of the two mats lay on the floor separately under the driver and passenger seat.

Due to the vigilant design, exporting mats out of the car for cleaning is also convenient. Made out of rubber, they stand the wear and tear and hold onto their positions to avoid mishaps while you drive.

Take note that floor mats are designed for BMW X3 models from 2019 and up. If you have the other models, better check the other options below to avoid nuisance.

To add more value to these mats, the manufacturer provides you with another set of Velcro pucks. That you can use later on once one set goes off. Thick mats like this hold the sand and mud, but you’ll have to wash them if a powdery or dry element falls onto them to prevent stains.

While these are made to fit under the driver seat, the company also has mats for the rear seat. So, if you want to layer mats under all four seats, check the details by pressing the button below.

San Auto Custom Fit Floor Liners for BMW X3 2018 – 2022

If you want mats that have details of contrasting colors, San Auto foot liners are what you need to pick. Other than full black, it has three more options with details of blue, red, and white to level up the interiors of your car.

Floor Mats For BMW X3
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Trim them according to your car as they are designed to get reshaped with the pre-installed lines. It is a full set of 5 pieces in which the 3 pieces go to the back, and you need to position the 2 on the front.

As the Velcro on the bottom of the front mats does not align with the disc on the BMW floor, a little movement occurs every time you get in and out of the car. However, that can be fixed using the additional Velcro and sticking them to the bottom.

Being odorless, they allow you to inhale a fresh breath during the ride. The entire set is thick with their manufacturing material, rubber. This rubber, along with the rigid pattern, traps the dirt, dust, and spill and prevents your car’s carpet from getting muddy.

Expecting the mat set to last long would not be wrong. Its rubber keeps the shape intact despite the weather outside. Worry not, as it’ll survive any degrees sun hits in your town.

Keep in mind that these mats are designed to sit well on the floors of BMW X3 from 2018 onwards. To check the floor mats for the BMW 2011 to 2017, press the button below.

Motor Trend Floor Mats and Cargo Liner for Cars like BMW X3

For a budget buyer, Motor Trend floor mats have to offer value. This 4 piece set of floor mats is designed to cover the entire BMW X3 flooring to protect against dirt, mud, debris, and spills.

These universal floor mats are made to get trimmed to sit perfectly on the BMW X3 floor. So, you’d have to do a little exercise of sizing it for your car once you buy it.

BMW X3 Floor Liners
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Stay certain and check the dimension before you bet the bucks on it. The front mats measure 28 x 19 inches, the back seat mats are 17.5 x 56 inches, and the one going into the trunk is 31.5 x 50 inches.

Thanks to the deep ridges and the grooves engraved, the dirt and dust remain on these mats and don’t go under to damage your car carpet. They are also waterproof, assuring you a valuable addition to your BMW X3 in snowy or rainy towns.

To make it hold onto the position, rubber nibs are present on the bottom. These nibs survive heavy movements without getting displaced. So, if you have naughty kids to travel with, it is a good choice to layer your car floor with.

One of its downsides is the smell of the rubber. You might not feel good with the chemical smell, but using a spray or air freshener will reduce it to a good extent.

While its black color prevents the spills from popping, the beige and tan will uplift the vibe of your car cabin. Want to check the other beige and tan colors? Press the yellow button below.


These were the best floor mats for BMW X3. Make sure to check the size of each before you buy. It’s also important to eye for which BMW X3 model a floor mat is made. Lastly, you should check the adhesive type that will keep your mat grounded.

We vote for the BMW 51472450511 floor mat for its decent aesthetics, thickness, and streamlined design with deep ridges. Most importantly because it comes from the BMW company itself. Check out its price now if you want value for money.

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