The Best Floor Mats For Mazda CX 5

The CX-5 is a mid-size SUV that keeps its resale value splendidly, and getting one of the best floor mats for Mazda CX-5 can help. Not only does a quality liner keeps the value of the car, but it also maintains the interior and cabin fresh and hygienic.

To give you the best floor mats for this modern SUV that uses innovative Skyactive technology, we scanned the market for a comparison of the best mats.

An Overview of the Floor Mats

3D MAXpider
Position Front & Rear Front & Rear Front & Rear
Fit Type Vehicle Specific Vehicle Specific Universal
Fitment Models 2017 - 2022 2013 - 2016 -
Colour Black Multi Multi
Material TPE All weather All weather
Hump Cover Yes Yes No

YITAMOTOR Best Floor Mats for Mazda CX 5 Model 2017 - 2022

Looking for the best TPE floor mats for Mazda CX-5, you can’t miss the Yitamotor liners designed with 3D laser scan technology. With so many modern technology features of this SUV, it’s only natural to go with the set of liners that uses an innovative approach as well.

Best Floor Mats For Mazda CX 5
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Because of the 3D laser scan, these mats fit into your CX-5 interior perfectly. The material blend doesn’t include any latex or PVC that could cause odor or contaminate the cabin. These mats are compatible with the 2017 to 2022 generations of the CX-5, and to answer the inquiries of many customers – they fit for the Grand Touring version as well.

The high-density material mats lock in place with Yitamotor’s signature hooks for a firm grip on the fabric carpet. The skid-resistant layer preserves the carpet as much as possible. One of the main traits of the Yitamotor’s TPE liners is moderate flexibility even in harshest weather conditions.

Like all the standard mats from this brand, you will get full carpet coverage and raised edges in your CX-5 along with ridged liquid channels. Because of the all-weather build, the mats rely on the ridges to contain all the dirt, water, and sand, and the firm hooks prevent even the slightest residue from reaching the carpet.

One of the aspects where these mats excel is cleaning. Even a regular washing hose is sufficient and all the dirt contained in the ridges simply washes over. With Yitamotor mats for Mazda CX-5, you also get a lifetime warranty and a full money-back guarantee. If you want to see the details for yourself and get a grasp of the price for this set, you can do it by following the link below:

3D MAXpider Car Floor Liners for Mazda CX-5 2013 - 2016

If you own a CX-5 from the first year of production to the 2016 generation, MAXpider all-weather mats will preserve your carpets entirely. They are specifically designed to fit into this model, so they won’t fit into the latest generation like many customers are wondering.

Floor Mats For Mazda CX-5
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First things first, absolute carpet protection is guaranteed since these mats have one special feature – sticky anti-skid backing. Even if some dirt or sand goes around the sides of the mats and falls onto the carpet, the backing will collect it with a sticky surface once you get them out for cleaning.

The 3D modeling enables the backing to fit into the OEM carpet on 100% of the fabric surface. This is only the final layer of the 3D MAXpider mat, and there are two additional protective layers on the top. The outer layer is waterproof and made of all-weather material to tackle liquid, but also protect from mud, dirt, and sand.

The middle layer is made from XPE foam that enables a flexible and comfortable feel for the feet. It should also drastically decrease the noise made from bumps and rocks if you want to take your CX-5 for an off-road drive.

Maintenance is simple and it’s enough to pull the mats out, rinse them with a garden hose, and use a microfiber towel to complete the job. On cleaning chemicals are needed, and the material is 100% odorless even when you only clean the mats with water.

These mats are easy to adjust as they are lightweight and the backside grips on the fabric carpet without the need for hooks. The set comes with two front liners and a back mat that goes over the backseat hump, and you can follow this link to compare these 3D mats with Yitamotor ones:

WeatherTech Universal Trim Floor Mats for CX5 Mazda

The WeatherTech universal mats are a bit more of a heavy-duty solution than the MAXpider liners. They are TPE-made and are less flexible than the previous mat sets on the list. Sturdy construction and deep ridged channels allow them to capture all the dirt, sand, and debris.

Mazda CX 5 Floor Liners
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The all-weather material equally protects from mud, water, snow, and dirt, while it keeps some flexibility on the coldest winter days. Unlike the 3D modeling applied for scanning the MAXpider mats for Mazda CX-5 in particular, these mats are universal trim types. So, you will need to trim them according to the interior of your CX-5, but it still pays off considering the protection level and convenient price range.

Perhaps the most vital part is the upper zone that goes under the pedals with large vertical ridges for the liquid outlet. The collected liquid then drops into the feet zone that’s mesh-like in the ridge design, and it captures all the residue at the lower part.

That’s why you will never get mud or liquid interfering with the pedal zone, and the side zones are protective and raised in edges to keep the dirt out of your carpets. To answer the question of customers, the rear liner sadly doesn’t cover the middle hump between the seats.

It should still contain all the unwanted materials even to the side zones of the backseat hump. WeatherTech liners are among the best floor mats for Mazda CX-5 thanks to the all-weather material and durable construction, regardless of the trimming needs.

The ridges are deeper than on other mats to capture as much dirt as possible and they are different for every mat in particular. You can compare the ridges and design, as well as the price range of this mat with other mats on this list by following this Amazon link:


Ultimately, the best floor mats for Mazda CX-5 are the Yitamotor set because of the laser-scan fitment and deeper ridged channels containing dirt and water. Now’s the best time to go ahead and test these mats yourself by using the link in the review.

Once you see how well they fit into your CX-5, and the efficiency of raised edges and ridges, you’ll definitely want them in your SUV.

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