Top 3 Best Floor Mats For Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is one of the most iconic US-made pickups, and preserving its interior with the best floor mats for Ford Ranger is crucial. Whether you own a base version or a Wildtrak one, these mats will help you maintain a clean interior to match the looks.

We’ve scanned the market for only the best and most protective options, so let’s start with the comparison guide.

An Overview of the Ford Ranger Floor Mats

Best floor mats for Ford Ranger
MAXLINER ‎‎‎A0410 Floor Mats for Ford Ranger
  • For the front and rear rows
  • Fit for 2019 – 2021
  • Rubber black mats
  • Ford Ranger specific fit
  • Hump protection
Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series 13411
  • For front row only
  • Fit for 2019 – 2022
  • TPO black mats
  • Ford Ranger SuperCrew/SuperCab specific fit
OEDRO ‎OROETIFM-1077 Floor Liners for Ford Ranger
  • For front & rear rows
  • Fit for 2019 – 2022
  • TPE black mats
  • Ford Ranger SuperCrew specific fit
  • Hump protection

MAXLINER - Best Floor Mats for Ford Ranger 2019 - 2021

The custom fit mats for a SuperCrew Cab version of the Ford Ranger make things much easier with complete carpet coverage. Not only do these mats cover every inch of your Ranger’s carpet, but they also come with customized fasteners to match the hooks in the Ford, giving the custom fit design even more practical.

Best Floor Mats For Ford Ranger
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While some customers wondered if these mats are only suitable for 2019 to 2021 years of production, the liners are a perfect fit even for the 2022 generation. The feeling you get from these mats is rather soft and comfortable thanks to the polyethylene and plastic rubber blend.

What makes Max Liners stand out, in general, is the pattern of ridged channels used to take away water and dirt from pedal space. Vertical channels capture all the debris and lead the liquid away from the driver’s feet to the bottom of the liners.

You don’t have to worry that the accumulated liquid will damage the carpets, though. Raised edges cover the sides of the mats to maintain all the residue within the mat until you take it out for cleaning. This set of liners is made from an all-weather protective material, meaning that it equally tackles mud, ice, dirt, and debris.

What we love about this set is the single-piece rear mat that connects even through the hump between the back seats. More importantly, the back seat area mats continue to the sides and behind the seats along the door-line. This part of a carpet is often left unprotected by some mat production brands, and this is a huge plus for Max Liner ones.

Of course, to maintain completely pleasant driving, these mats are 100% odorless and made from recyclable materials. You can compare the convenient features of this set with the price range by following the Amazon link in the image.

Husky Liners 13411 Ford Ranger Front Floor Liners

If you are going with Husky liners for your Ford Ranger, the Weatherbeater ones are much better than the X-act contour for sturdier protection. They come with a tougher material that offers less flexibility than the X-act contour, but it still blends in perfectly with side snaps for locking in place.

Floor Mats For Ford Ranger
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The Weatherbeater mats make a great all-weather option with a stiff material that reduces the movement and therefore contains liquid much better. The edges raise even up to the carpet space below the driver’s seat.

It’s a perfect option for capturing all the grime from the boots as well as snow and ice in the winter. For an off-road drive, Husky Weatherbeather liners are among the most protective options for your carpet. They also fit under the best floor mats for Ford Ranger for their FormFit design.

Husky developed this as a response to 3D laser measuring by other brands, and it makes a great protective blend with side cleats for preventing movement. Based on inquiries of the customers, it’s also important to point out that these mats do go along just fine with both Crew Cab and SuperCrew models.

The coverage is also an important factor that makes these mats valuable, as the rubber even passes a bit on the door sills. Being made from a thermoplastic olefin blend, the unique protective properties of this set makes it one of the best all-weather options for the Ford Ranger.

The differences between this set and Max Liner’s set are vast not only in material but in the ridges and hook style. To make a complete comparison between the two, take a detailed look at these heavy-duty Husky liners on Amazon by clicking on the image. 

OEDRO Top Floor Mats for Ford Ranger 2019 - 2022

An ultimate all-weather solution for the elongated SuperCrew Cab versions of the 2019 to 2022 Ford Ranger is Oedro’s floor mat set. The complete set includes two front liners and one connected rear liner with TPE extensions that spread to the backsides of rear seats for complete coverage.

Ford Ranger Floor Liners
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Oedro TPE liners are a bit more elastic than Husky Weatherbeater, and they allow a bit more cushion and flexibility. So, the feel is a bit more comfortable for the driver, and the 3D laser-measured custom fit ensures that 100% of the carpet is covered.

Besides being more comfy and flexible, TPE material is also odorless and durable, as it only takes washing it with a hose to clean. The side snaps ensure that the liners are locked in position for reduced movement while driving.

For the most important part, Oedro liners have a large ridged area below the gas pedal to prevent slipping due to wet surfaces. The diagonal and vertical ridges accumulate all water and dirt in a central space below the feet area.

These mats also cover a bit of the carpet space below the driver’s seat thanks to raised lips that go all the way around the mat. This is also important for the accumulated debris since even liquid won’t find its way to the original carpet.

The over-hump rear liner ensures the same efficiency in protecting the carpet as the mentioned features do for the front ones. Extended 3D borders on the edges prevent any residue to leave the mats. Overall, Oedro liners seem like the top choice, but you can compare all three on this list by following the Amazon link to Oedro mats from the image:


Through our research, we found that the MAXLINER mats are the best floor mats for Ford Ranger, and for a good reason. Custom-made fastener matches and carpet-hugging sidewalls for ultimate grip make them a perfect fit.

You can follow the link in our guide to see more about the customer ratings, functionality in use, and other features pointed out by the brand.

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