Best Floor Mats For Ford Expedition [Full set]

This article has gathered the best floor mats for Ford Expedition with second-row bench seats. 

Finding the right size liners can be challenging especially if you’re a first-time buyer. The mats in this post are designed for Ford Expedition using 3D scanning technology, so you don’t have to trim them as per the contouring size.

Let’s go through a quick overview of the floor mats before jumping into the details.

Best floor mats for Ford Expedition
Maxliner / Smartliner Floor mats for Ford Expedition
  • For the three rows
  • Fit 2018 – 2022 Model
  • Black mats
  • Expedition specific fit
  • Hump protection
Floor liners for Expedition
  • For the three rows
  • Fit 2018 – 2022 Model
  • TPE Material
  • Expedition specific fit
  • Elevated Edges
Huskyliners 18371 Car mats for Expedition
  • For the front row
  • Fit 2011 – 2017 Model
  • Plastic Material
  • Expedition specific fit
  • Black, grey, & tan

Best Floor Mats For Ford Expedition from Maxliner / Smartliner

If you want to explore a complete set of liners that cover the front, second and third row of your Ford Expedition, then the Maxliner ‎A0350 floor liners are for you. They protect the carpet and don’t leave an inch uncovered to keep the interior clean and maintain the resale value. 

For further footwell protection from the mess, debris and spills, the mats have raised boundaries that prevent the spills from escaping especially whenever you want to remove them; they’ll stay inside. This is the feature that comes in vehicle-specific floor mats. 

More on the features later; let’s first see if these floor mats fit your Expedition model. They perfectly cover Max and Limited Models with bench seats. For additional details on compatibility, refer to the compatibility tab above. 

Floor liners move with feet if they’re not tight to the floor. Using retainers, they will sit like a glove and won’t shift even if you try them with your hands. Thanks to the Smartliner/Maxliner Engineers that have included the retainer posts on the liners, you snap them in.

The surface also has a unique design having channels that deliver an anti-skid area for the shoe. They also trap the spill inside.  For a more in-depth description and customer feedback, click the button below.

Top Floor Liners for Expedition Bench Seat from OEDRO

Meet the next best floor mats for ford expedition. If the above floor mats didn’t meet what you were expecting, the OEDRO floor liners would give you the coverage your Expedition needs. Made for Platinum Max models, these mats hug the footwell, so nothing reaches the carpet.

Like the Smartliner, the OEDRO brand also scans the contouring of a vehicle to make perfect fit liners for specific car models, including Ford. You can install them in 2018 – 2022 Expedition models, not for second-row bucket seats. 

A unique aspect of the mats is the elongated lip towards the door. They help clean the carpets without removing them. Any spill or debris can be thrown away through the lips, as seen in the image. And the remaining sides are raised to lock in the mud, snow, salt, dust; you name it. 

This model is also shipped in a complete set. To buy only front-row mats, refer to the Huskyliner product mentioned. The all-weather and odorless floor mats are made from TPE material that can be recycled.

They’ve environmentally friendly yet deliver flexibility. Using anchor clips, you can easily remove or install them when you want to wash them. Hose washing would be handy for better cleaning. 

Some customers complained of the rear mats coming on the way while moving the seats forward to the full extent. That’s not that big of a drawback because you don’t always need to move the seat forward. 

Further reading about this and checking the price tag, tap the given button. 

Affordable Ford Expedition Mats for Front Row - Huskyliners 18371

Here are the affordable floor liners for Ford Expedition. They are cheaper than the above products not because of the quality but because of the number of liners this set includes. As the first two products were complete sets, these Husky liners are only for the front row. 

This is the best option for those who only want to replace the first row liners, not the two more rows. Why spend more if they work fine? The 18371 model comes in several colors, so choose the ones that best match your Expedition interior. 

They have black, tan, and grey color liners with the brand logo on each mat. You can install them whether you have a bucket seat or bench seat Expedition since they’re for the front row only. They also have extended lips towards the door for easy cleaning, just like with the OEDRO mats.

Husky liners take mat shifting seriously; therefore, they’re trying to keep them stuck like glue with a two-way retention system. They have retention posts, plus their lower layer has small nibs that fit into the carpet to lock the mats down. 

Their textured design protects against mud, rain, snow, sand, and dirt while delivering an anti-skid surface. It’s also handy for spill traps when accompanied by raised edges. These products cost under 100 dollars on Amazon. 


This was all about the best floor mats for Ford Expedition. All the brands discussed here fulfill the same need, protecting your car’s interior and maintaining its value. The first two brands’ products were complete sets, and the other was only for the front row. 

If you want to replace the front mats, opt for the Huskyliners weather beater liners. However, the Smartliner/Maxliner is the best choice if you’re looking for a complete set. They’re waterproof and feature raised edges for spill-trapping. 

If you haven’t explored them on Amazon yet, check them out through the yellow box. 

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