The Best Floor Mats for INFINITI QX60

Are you browsing for the best floor mats for Infiniti QX60? You’ve landed in the right place. Here we have floor mats for your Infiniti QX60 that will uplift the aesthetics of your SUV and help you maintain its cleaning.  

Stay with us till the end if you don’t want to miss out on excellent options.

A Quick Overview of the QX60 Floor Mats

Best floor mats for INFINITI QX60
TOUGHPRO ‎C2-COXZ-3FSL Floor Mats for Infiniti QX60
  • For 3 rows
  • Compatible for 2014 – 2020
  • Rubber  black mats
  • QX60 specific fit
  • Hump protection
OEDRO OETIFM-1148-VC01 Floor Liners for Infiniti QX60
  • For 3 rows
  • Fit for 2014 – 2020
  • TPE All-Weather mats
  • Infiniti QX60 specific fit
  • Hump protection
Motor Trend ‎MT-773-884-BK
Floor Liners for QX60
  • For 3 rows
  • Rubber mats
  • Universal floor mats
  • Hump protection
  • Multi-colour

TOUCH PRO - Best Floor Mats for Infiniti QX60

Anything with the tag of “Made in the USA” eases buying decisions. Probably, you’d be positive for the Touch Pro floor mats, too, since they are “Made in the USA.”

It is a 3-row floor mat set coming in 4 pieces. 2 of the 4 mats go in the front, sitting under the driver and the passenger seat, and 1 lays on the middle row. While the 4rth piece is made to fit on your car’s cargo floor.

Made out of high-quality rubber, the floor mats stand all the atmospheres without giving up on their shape. That said, you don’t have to stress about the degrees of temperature your town hits in the summers and winters.

There are no edges, yet they are tailored to fit with a computer laser cut. They are made to fit Infiniti QX60 from 2014 to 2020. So, make sure your car’s model comes from these years to seamlessly fit them on the floor.

An exclusive honeycomb design like this is sure to be praised for the moisture, spill, sand, and debris trap. It locks everything in the soccer cell and guards your car floor carpet against stains and spills.

While this design is vigilant for spills, it’s challenging to get the sand or mud out of it. On the contrary are the rubberized nibs on the bottom. These nibs hold the floor mats in position and prevent them from budging even with the heavy traffic.

The thickness of the rubber and the easy installation makes it a reliable unit. If you want to check out its price and other colors, like gray, press the button to pick the best.

OEDRO Infiniti qx60 Car Mats for 3 Rows

With so many car floor mats, if you are finding one with the least smell and toxic-free material, there you have it. OEDRO floor mats are one of the best floor mats for Infiniti QX60 for the models launched from 2014 to 2020.

Like the Touch Pro floor mat set above, it is a 4-piece set. 2 of the 4 mats go in front, 1 in the middle row, while the last one is made to fit in the trunk. The best thing about these mats is that the driver mat doesn’t get into the pedal. While the one in the middle row covers the entire SUV floor, connecting the left mat to the right.

Take note that it isn’t made out of rubber but TPE. It is a soft material and consists of the characteristics just like rubber. With deep ridges patterned, the floor mats shield your car carpet from the dirt, mud, or sand your shoes usually have.

Complimentary are the high edges of the floor mats. Along with the ridges, they are also responsible to keep the dirt and debris from getting under the car mats.

Not only this, it is an all-weather built, which makes it a suitable option for snow, rain, or fog. Buy it no matter what degree and town you live in since it is made to cope with all conditions.

To keep it from moving, the manufacturer has installed clips on the bottom side. These bottom clips pair with the disc on the car floor, and that’s how they dodge movements.

It’s so easy to clean. Wipe or shower it off to shed the debris clinging to it. When it comes to installation, you just need to have 10 minutes spare. You’ll be easily able to set them in within this time.

After all the exclusive features, you are also provided with a lifetime warranty. Don’t stay in awe and check out what it covers in the lifetime warranty through the button above.

Motor Trend Universal Rubber Floor Liners for Infiniti QX60

For the budget buyers, Motor Trend floor mats are the most satisfying mats for their Infiniti QX60 SUV. Since it’s a universal fit, you can fit in every model of QX60. Trim it, and a ready-to-fit floor mat is there right in front of you.

One thing to note here is the dimension. Before you decide on buying it, keep an eye on the size of all 4-floor mats it comes with. The front mats are 28 x 19 inches. The middle one is 17.5 x 56 inches, while the cargo area mat is 31.5 x 50 inches.

Like the other two-floor mats options here, it also comes in a set of 4. The 2 mats of this floor mat set lay under the driver and passenger seats. 1 of them is made to fit under your back passenger seat, while 1 grounds on the cargo area.

Neither is it made out of rubber nor TPE. It is an EVA built. It stands the wear and tear and is an all-weather proof design. Due to this, it gives you the privilege to step inside your car even with wet shoes due to rains or snow.

It has deep grooves and a ridged texture. These ridges keep your car carpet clean by trapping the dirt and debris before they get under. One of its downsides is the smell coming from the material. However, you can scent the car cabin using an air freshener.

On the bottom, it has rubber nibs engraved. Credits for holding your floor mats in place go to these rubber nibs. Are you looking for floor mats in colors other than black? Click the image to check as it’s available in beige and tan.

The Verdict

These were the best floor mats for Infiniti QX60. When you buy them, make sure to check the material, thickness, and the type of adhesive that keeps a floor mat on the floor. Verify the dimensions of the mats to fit them perfectly on your car floor.

We believe TOUCH PRO floor mats are the best for shielding your car carpet. They come in a set of 4, made out of rubber, hold their position with the nibs on the bottom, and have a honeycomb design for ultra-safety. Check out its price now to grab before it gets out of stock. 

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