Best Floor Mats For KIA Sportage 2023

If you are looking for the best floor mats for KIA Sportage 2023, you have landed at the right place. This blog contains affordable floor liners for KIA models so that you don’t spend hours choosing the right size product from countless brands out here. Without further ado, let’s quickly jump into the article’s body.

Best Floor Mats For KIA Sportage 2023 by KELCSEECS

KELCSEECS produces one of the best floor mats for KIA Sportage 2023. It has scanned the car’s contouring to design end-to-end floor liners that perfectly fit the 2023 Sportage. It disallows even a drop of the spill to reach the carpet. 

The product features anchors on the front mats that line up with the vehicle’s retention system for delivering anti-skid performance. It won’t move or shift when entering or leaving the car. The surface contains deep channels that trap the liquid as well as give you a rough surface so your shoes firmly stay.

When you want to clean your floor mats and want to remove them, the spill often flows out of the mats, which soaks up the carpet. KELCSEECS noted the issue, and they’ve designed high-edge floor mats that prevent the liquid from escaping the liners. 

The front mats reach all the way under the pedals so it does leave an inch uncovered. This is handy whenever someone is sitting in the passenger seat and extends his feet. They will still rest on the liners, and the dirt under the shoe will not reach the carpet. 

These KIA Sportage 2023 floor mats are all weather resistant. No matter if you come from mud, snow, rain, sand, or salt roads, the liners will contain all that dirt inside, keeping your Sportage clean while maintaining the resale value.

The drawbacks of the mats are: they’re only for non-hybrid Sportage, and the package contains mats for the front and rear row, not for the trunk. With that, it has gathered numerous positive ratings and customer feedback on Amazon, which can be read by clicking the button below.

Best Floor mats for KIA Sportage 2023 [Video]

Affordable KIA Sportage Floor Mats – Auxko

These Auxko floor mats hug Sportage footwell like a glove because of the 3D Scanning Technology. They will not shift or move around when they’re secured by clips. They have raised walls that keep the spills and debris inside the mats.

When it comes to carpet floor mat cleaning, it’s a hard task. The dirt won’t go that easy. However, the Auxko floor mats are made of rubber that easily removes dirt. And sometimes you won’t need to wash them, just give them a shake and the debris will go away.

The second-row floor liners come in a single part, which has the benefit of covering the hump. Besides the footwell, the hump will remain clean in this floor mat package. Further, the rear mats reach far away under the front seats. This helps to maintain the car clean when the rear passenger extends their feet.

Because of a single piece, the rear mat is folded inside the box when shipped. So they may take a while to unfold completely. It will lay down quickly when you expose them to the sun for a few hours. Even put the front mats to the sun as well. This will wash away all the box or rubber smell. Speaking of which, they are odorless and recyclable floor liners.

The mentioned KIA Sportage 2023 floor mats are new to the market, yet they have collected several positive ratings online. You can further explore them on Amazon by clicking the button below.

Kia Sportage 2023 Floor Liners Review

Another top floor mat for KIA 2023 Sportage is the JDMON floor liners, made of TPE that delivers flexibility and long-lasting performance. Just like the above items, these are also vehicle-specific mats. You don’t need to trim them for perfect fitting.

They are designed after scanning the footwell of the Sportage. The 3D technology does not allow an inch of the contouring unprotected. No water, dirt, or spill will reach the carpet because the space is not available. 

All the boundaries of the JDMON car mats are elevated, which will not let debris and mess escape the mats, hence protecting your car for years to come. 

The front two mats have holes for lining them up on the car’s anchors. They will move forward or shift when they hug like a glove. However, the rear mat has no anchor posts. And they’re not required for the second row since they precisely fit and there’s no room for them to move.

The JDMON floor liner’s surface contains grooves and ridges that trap the spills and small particles so they don’t escape when removing the mats for cleaning purposes. The tread design also gives you a textured surface for the shoes, enabling anti-skid background.  

For more details and the price tag, hit the button below.


There you go with the best floor mats for KIA Sportage 2023. The top-rated brands are listed above along with their car mats for Sportage. The best-of-the-list award goes to KELCSEECS liners. Not only us but hundreds of customers also voted for this brand. 

You can read their reviews from the link below. This will take you to the Amazon platform. 

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