How to Remove KIA Floor Mats [ A Step-by-step Guide]

This article will answer: how to remove KIA floor mats. If you want to detach your KIA floor liners for cleaning purposes, but don’t know how to unplug them from the anchors, this post is for you.

Let’s get started.

How to Remove KIA Floor Mats 

Removing KIA floor mats can be easy when you figure out its retention system. The anchors installed on the floor vary from car brands to floor mat brands. They will either have hooks, twist posts, circular bayonet retainers, or button clips. 

They do not have a similar process for the installation and removal of the mats. They are slightly different yet easy to use. We’ll guide you on how to remove floor mats of each anchor type so you can uninstall them from your KIA. 

Since KIA has various models: Sorento, Seltos, Seol, Optima, Rio, Stinger, and more, their mats’ anchors are not the same. This blog will guide you on how to detach KIA floor mats, no matter what their retention system is.

Removing KIA floor mats from the Hooks

If your KIA model has hooks that keep the floor liners from sliding, then you will need to follow this method to pull them out. 

How to remove KIA floor mats

  • Find out the direction or projection of the hook. They will probably be toward the seats because they prevent the mats from moving forward.
  • Slide your hand under the mat near the hooks, and raise it a little bit. The hand should be on the opposite side of the hook. If they’re towards the seats, your hand should be from the front of the mats. 
  • When you raise it, then pull it towards the seats. They will come out of the hook. 
  • The hook is like an inverted L. First, you need to raise the mat up and then pull it horizontally. 
  • Watch the given video for a better understanding.

Detaching KIA Floor mats from the Button Clips

This method is for those whose KIA model does not have a hook retention system but has button clips. If you have such retainers, read on. 

How to make rubber floor mat shine
  • Put two fingers under the mat around the button. 
  • The thumb or another hand’s finger should press the button.
  • While pressing, pull the mats up. And the floor mats will get removed from the anchors.

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Removing KIA floor liners from Circular Bayonet Retention Device

Such a retention device does not have any hooks or buttons. You don’t either need to press it or pull it vertical-then-horizontal. Just follow the tips given below and remove your KIA floor mats.

Slide your hand under the floor mats, and encircle the retention device with your fingers. You can place two fingers on each side of the button under the mat, and the palm and thumb will come over the mat. A punch will be formed. Now pull the mat up so it gets unplugged from the anchor.

Check out the given video to see how circular the bayonet retention system is.

How to Remove KIA Floor mats from Twist Retention System

If your KIA model has none of the retention systems that we’ve mentioned so far, it will for sure have a twist device. In this system, you will need to rotate the anchor and line it up with the slot of the floor liner, and then pull it up. 

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