The 3 Best Floor Mats for Porsche Macan [with Porsche logo]

Porsche Macan Floor Liners

If you own a Porsche Macan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend $1000+ on carbon fiber mats. We researched the market for the best floor mats for Porsche Macan that protect your carpet, and are reasonable in the price range.

Whether it’s for all-weather protection on winter days, or just as a measure of precaution, this comparison guide will serve you with the best mats for your needs.

‎95B04480-0311E0 Floor Mats
  • For the front and rear rows
  • Fit for 2014 – 2017 
  • Rubber black mats
  • Porsche Macan specific fit
  • With Porsche Logo
3W ‎21044-1-2
floor liners for Porsche
  • For the front and rear positions
  • Fit for 2014 – 2022 
  • TPE black mats
  • Porsche Macan specific fit
  • No Porsche Logo
  • with hump protection
‎FLM-MAC-14 Car Mats for Porsche Macan
  • For the front and rear positions
  • Fit for 2014+ Model
  • Black rubber mats
  • Porsche Macan specific fit
  • No Porsche Logo
  • No hump protection

Best Floor Mats for Porsche Macan from Porsche

  • The floor liners from the Porsche brand itself.
  • Mats that perfectly fit the contouring.
  • Features the Porsche logo on each mat.
  • All-weather mats that withstand all seasons.
  • The mats are for the first row only.
  • Only two mats but expensive.
  • Product Dimensions: 36″L x 24″W x 2” Th
  • Product Color: Black
  • Product Weight: ‎9.63 pounds (4.37 KG)
  • Porsche Macan 2014
  • Porsche Macan 2015
  • Porsche Macan 2016
  • Porsche Macan 2017
Floor Mats For Porsche Macan
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The one reason for including these floor mats for Macan is that they’re manufactured by the brand itself – Porsche. You can’t go wrong with mats that fit your Macan’s OEM carpets 100% by buying official mats made by Porsche. These are all-weather floor mats that are hooked into the original anchors with discrete snaps to hold them in place perfectly.

They are rubber-made, but still odorless and enable a hygienic approach to fabric carpet protection. Being highly flexible, you can easily bend them and pull them out of your Macan for cleaning with a hose and a wet cloth.

The good thing about these mats is that they also go a bit under the seats, to protect your carpet as much as possible. The side extensions are a perfect way to ensure the protection of the hardly reachable carpet zones.

These extensions also come with raised edges, and the overall design of these Porsche liners enables matching protection to the expensive set mentioned a while back. Many customers are wondering about the material of these mats compared to some stiff TPE liners.

To clear the dilemma, Porsche’s mats are rubber-made but more elastic and not as stiff as WeatherTech and other heavy-duty all-weather liners. This allows much easier removal and cleaning, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t lock in place securely like the WeatherTech mats.

On top of that, Porsche made the mats with thoughtful ridged channels that accumulate and lead away all the liquid spilled. There’s no room for it to escape the liner and reach your fabric carpet, so there’s no need to worry. Even more, details can be found on this link, as well as the expected price range for this Porsche mat set:

‎3W All-Weather Floor Mats for Porsche Macan 2014 - 2022

  • These floor mats cover both the front and rear footwells in the Porsche Macan
  • Full car mat set yet at the same price as the above product.
  • Vehicle-specific mats, no trimming required.
  • Each mat features a retention system to prevent sliding.
  • The surface of the mats have less treading, hence minimum grip on your feet.
  • The same color as the previous mats – black.
  • Product Dimensions: 30″L x 22″W x 5″ Th
  • Material: TPE
  • Product Weight: ‎9.48 pounds (4.30 KG)
  • Porsche Macan Model 2014
  • Porsche Macan Model 2015
  • Porsche Macan Model 2016
  • Porsche Macan Model 2017
  • Porsche Macan Model 2018
  • Porsche Macan Model 2019
  • Porsche Macan Model 2020
  • Porsche Macan Model 2021
  • Porsche Macan Model 2022
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If you are looking for something sturdier and stiffer than Porsche’s original mats, you can make a safe bet with 3W’s all-weather mats. They are TPE-made and are less flexible than the previous set on this comparison list.

Once locked in place, they will keep your fabric carpet clean with snaps compatible with Macan’s anchors. The design itself makes these liners a perfect option for Porsche. First, the driver’s mat covers the carpet entirely up to the upper end beyond the pedals.

It also covers the footrest area and extends a bit under the seat as well as on the sides. The other front mat is also extended on the side due to the design of the front seats. The large back liner is a whole other story, making a perfect solution with a connected hump area and extended sides.

The side extensions go behind the seat and cover the part of the carpet that’s often forgotten by the manufacturing brands. It even extends on the door sills to offer the complete protection of your Macan interior.

These floor liners cover the front and rear contouring of the Macan, which makes it part of this list.

As for the design of the ridged channels, 3W’s mats are unlike anything else you can find for Macan. Instead of having circular and mesh-like channels, these mats come with fewer, yet larger channels that cover the complete foot area.

There are no added toxic materials or PVCs, and the cleaning can be easily done with just a towel and a hose. Following the layout of the ridges with a hose water burst will remove all the residue, and a stain-resistant surface ensures that you always have a clean interior. Comparing this set with Porsche’s original liners is even easier by taking a look at the link below:

TMB Top Floor Liners for Porsche Macan Model 2014+

  • Budget-friendly floor mats that cover the front and rear contouring.
  • Maximum treads help with a strong grip over your shoes.
  • Floor liners that work well in all seasons.
  • Non-universal floor mats, no trimming is needed for the fitment.
  • No retention system in the rear mats.
  • A bit heavier mats than the other products on the list.
  • Product Dimensions: 24″L x 14″W x 2″ Th
  • Product Weight: ‎13.32 pounds (6.04 KG)
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Porsche Macan Model 2014
  • Porsche Macan Model 2015
  • Porsche Macan Model 2016
  • Porsche Macan Model 2017
  • Porsche Macan Model 2018
  • Porsche Macan Model 2019
  • Porsche Macan Model 2020
  • Porsche Macan Model 2021
  • Porsche Macan Model 2022
Porsche Macan Floor Liners
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Now that we’ve covered one original rubber set made by Porsche and one all-weather stiff mat set, it’s time for a combination of the two. TMB Motorsport’s floor liners for Porsche Macan are among the best options with a flexible design, and tougher, 0.5-inch thick protective layer.

It’s made from a rubber construction with a sticky backside so you can lock it in place to reduce movement while driving. This set features a waterproof design with stain protection and a 1-year warranty that makes it a safe option for your Porsche.

Every mat is different and perfectly aligns with the design of your Macan’s interior. The driver’s mat extends to the door sill area and reaches under the seat. Co-driver’s mat is inclined to the left, according to the design of the front seats.

It also goes a bit extended to the right side, and comes with a special under-seat extension for complete coverage of the fabric carpet. Large vertical ridged channels are a perfect way for the liquid outlet. The ridges also act splendidly to contain all the dirt and mud inside the mat’s frame, preventing the debris from reaching the carpet.

Although it’s a standard rubber mat set, it’s important to point out the 100% odorless build. It fits all the Macan generations up to the 2022 model, to answer the frequent inquiries by the customers. Regardless of the version, you will be able to easily adjust these mats with fabric hooks and easily remove them for cleaning.

The custom fit made by scanning Macan’s interior guarantees that you won’t get anything short of splendid when it comes to carpet protection. Here’s a link you can follow to compare the TMB Motorsport’s mats with Porsche and 3W mats:

These are the cheapest floor mats on the list. That’s why we’ve included them in the list so that it meets most people’s budgets. Click below to check the price tag.


How often should you clean your Porsche Macan floor mats?

Well, that would depend on the mat’s condition. If you live in an environment where your shoes take mud, dirt, and moisture most of the time, you should clean them by the time you get home. This way you will keep each corner and deep treads of the liners clean. Or else, while washing the car, the mat’s cleaning should be done in the first place. 

Should You Choose Universal Floor Mats Or Custom?

Choosing between universal and custom floor mats depends on your budget. As you would now know that vehicle-specific floor mats are more expensive than universal. And they’re worth the money because they cover all the footwells of the Macan and need no trimming. 

The universal mats, however, are cheaper and need your time to trim them according to the contouring of your car. If you’re not good at measuring and trimming, spend a few more bucks and purchase the liners with less headache.

How to Keep Macan Floor Liners Secure to the Floor

Use the retention anchors on your Macan’s footwell to secure the liners to the floor. For this reason, you should always choose those liners that can be hooked. Using the grommets, or clips helps prevent the mats from slipping.


As you can see, the most expensive solutions don’t always have to be the best ones for your Porsche. If you want to preserve your fabric OEM carpet with the mat set that fits the best, Porsche’s branded mats are the ultimate choice.

Feel free to explore more about these mats with the provided link, so you can witness the high flexibility, cleaning ease, and most importantly – the full carpet protection they provide.

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