Are Car Floor Mats Recyclable?

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Are car floor mats recyclable? While car owners usually have this question, they pay no heed to it.

Do you know that you can earn a good amount of bucks recycling your car floor mats? Well, I’m not lying. Besides saving your environment, you are also doing good for yourself by buying recyclable car floor mats.

In this article, we’ll discuss what types of car floor mats are recyclable and where you can recycle these car mats.

So, stick around and read till the end.

Are Car Floor Mats Recyclable?

Yes, car floor mats are recyclable. However, prior to buying one, you need to look at the two factors to confirm it.


Remember, not every manufacturer makes car mats that are recyclable. From a dozen, only a few will offer you this feasibility.

Those brands are WeatherTech, SmartLiner, MaxLiner, and GGbailey. Their mats are exclusive in quality, and maybe that’s the reason they cost you a little more than others like Motor Trend.

In fact, WeatheTech not only provides you with recyclable car mats but with Floor Liners. They also offer recyclable 3D Floor mats. However, one thing’s for sure: their mat’s quality cannot be beaten.  


Two types of floor mats are, most often than not, recyclable. One is the rubber floor mat, while the other is a plastic floor mat. Companies use plastic floor mats to recycle and give them a new and worthy shape.

While you’ll easily find vendors to take your rubber floor mats and use them for good.

Where to Recycle Rubber Mats?

You can recycle car floor mats at home and use them to position under your indoor pots or in the garden area as underlining. However, not everyone is open to performing abundant work, and some of us are looking forward to getting rid of it, and that’s totally okay.

In that case, you can simply call your local recycling center and inquire about the procedure. Tell them the material you have and investigate the bucks they’ll provide you with.

Costs of recycling material differ from material to material and the state you are in. In an exceptional case, if the recycling center refuses to take your material, you can inquire about any other company in the town that will accept your floor mats.

Contact the other center and repeat the process. Some companies would likely come to pick up your mats, while others request you to drop them by.


By now, you’d have the answer to our car floor mats recyclable?

They are definitely recyclable as far as you buy from WeatheTech, smartLiner, MaxLiner, and GGbailey since these companies produce 100% recyclable mats.

If you have rubber mats, you are in luck because multiple recycling centers will be glad to accept them. However, that’s not always the case with plastic.

Call your local recycling center to send your mats for recycling, make a deal, and give them away.

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