The Best Floor Mats For Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is a great family SUV with 7 seats and one of the things to look out for is preserving the carpet. If you don’t want the variables from the shoes of your children or other passengers to destroy the OEM carpet, you need the best floor mats for Toyota Highlander.

Here’s a complete comparison guide list made by carefully observing the current market that you can use to pick the best liner set for your Highlander.

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product OEDRO
Amazon Basics
No. of
2 - 3 2 1 - 2
Fit Type Vehicle Specific Vehicle Specific Universal
2014 - 2019
2020 - 2021
2014 - 2019 -
Colour Black Black Multiple
Material TPE TPE Rubber
Size " ‎27.8 x 23 x 6.1 27.75 x 23 x 6.1 -
View Product View Product View Product

Best Floor Mats For Toyota Highlander from OEDRO

What better way there is to preserve the resale value of your Highlander than getting the Oedro floor mats? These are the best floor mats for Toyota Highlander, and for a good reason. You should first note that they are compatible only with the 2014-2019 generation of this SUV.

Best Floor Mats For Toyota Highlander
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Every mat comes with a TPE layer all-weather guard that offers superb protection in the harsh winter weather. This set includes the driver’s liner, passenger’s liner, and one connected rear liner. The custom-fit protection spreads to the door sills for complete carpet coverage.

They are easy to install, and just as easy to remove for cleaning. What’s so special about Oedro’s mats for Toyota Highlander is that they offer complete 360⁰ protection with specifically-tailored and deep ridged channels.

The channels spread in all directions at the lower part of the individual mat, while the upper section has a footrest zone below the pedals. This is to prevent any pedal interference for the driver in case you happen to bring residue inside the SUV on your boots.

The stain-resistant and skid-resistant TPE surface guarantee simple cleaning and a classy look in your Highlander’s interior. They are highly durable, with up to 300% better weather resistance than the PVC liners. To address the common inquiries of the Highlander owners – this set isn’t sprayed with any waterproof or stain-proof chemical.

The material itself protects from liquid and dirt, so it helps reduce the odor to a minimum. Because of that, Oedro mats are arguably the most hygienic liners that you can find for your Highlander. If you are keen on learning more about this set, here’s a link you can use to quickly jump into product specs:

YITAMOTOR All-Weather Floor Liners for Toyota Highlander 2014 - 2019

Another great TPE-made floor mat set for your Highlander is Yitamotor’s custom-fit floor liner pack. The set is also compatible with the 2014-2019 generation and fits the Highlander’s interior perfectly due to its custom-fit design.

Floor Mats For Toyota Highlander
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In this set, you’ll get two front liners and one rear liner, while the design of the ridges and texture is much different from the Oedro mats. Yitamotor mats have channels focused in the middle of the mat, and their patterns spread in all directions.

Along with the channels, there’s an area below the pedals where the mesh-like holes can contain all the dirt to prevent creating a slippery surface. On top of that, there’s one section of each liner that extends beyond the outline and goes below the seating area.

Besides being custom-fit liners, Yitamotor’s set also includes an anti-slippery backing texture. The side extensions reach the door sills and provide all-around protection to the carpet. Like the Oedro set, these liners also come with a lifetime warranty.

The maximum satisfaction with these mats is ensured through the fabric cut-outs for locking fasteners. The driver’s side holes are uniquely designed to enable easier fixing of the liners on the OEM carpet. The best thing about Yitamotor’s liners is their protective capacity that reaches even the furthest sections beyond the pedals.

They are easily cleaned with the hose by directing the water spray down the channels. Yitamotor mats can be a tough competitor to the Oedro liners for your Toyota, so make sure to check this link for a complete comparison:

AmazonBasics Universal Rubber Floor Mats for Highlander

Along with the mentioned custom-fit options, there’s a universal trim liner set that you can use for your Highlander. Amazon Basics offers a trimmable solution with all-weather protection. These rubber mats are just what you need in case you want to cut around the contour lines and make the liners fit the interior perfectly.

They are made from thick premium rubber that’s 100% odorless and hygienic for your SUV. The channels and ridges of this set go all over the liner to evenly distribute the dirt and liquid. It’s easy to cut the liners to fit into your Highlander with just a pair of scissors.

The trim-to-fit design also enables the creation of the rubber space covering the carpet even beyond the pedals. These liners are waterproof and stain-proof, so it’s enough to simply wash them over and maintain a fresh interior look.

As for the stability and support, the backside of the liners is made with an anti-slipping layer that fixes the mat locked in place. The liners are also great for wintertime as they protect from water, snow, and mud.

Even in the coldest conditions, the rubber material won’t deteriorate too much, nor will it lose flexibility. Combined with an affordable price range, these features make the universal rubber mats a great fit for your Toyota.

What makes Oedro and Yitamotor liners a better solution is the connected rear liner. So, this set won’t protect the hump carpet zone in the backseat carpet area. Still, it should make a solid option if you want to custom trim the mat to fit into your Highlander. 

Try comparing this set with the other mats on this list by following the link below, so you can see how it rates among the best floor mats for Toyota Highlander.


Ultimately, the best floor mats for Toyota Highlander are Oedro mats that have 3 times better weather resistance than PVC mats. Also, these make a perfect fit thanks to the 360⁰ coverage. Make sure to follow the link to see the main features of this mat set for yourself.

Without a doubt, you will get insight into the qualities that make Oedro mats the best option for Toyota Highlander.

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