How To Clean Toyota Floor Mats Like a Pro?

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Toyota cars have an epic identity in the market, and it’s good enough to know you have it. However, are you here to know how to clean Toyota floor mats like a pro?

Let us say you are at the right place. Here we’ll discuss an in-depth procedure for cleaning Toyota car mats with a few pieces of equipment you might have at home.

Keep going and read till the end to clean your mats and knock off the smell in your car cabin.

How To Clean Toyota Floor Mats Like a Pro?

Mostly, there are two types of floor mats available out there. The first one is a rubber floor mat, while the other is a carpet floor mat. And the procedure below applies to both of them.

Before that, we’d suggest having a look at supplies and gathering them in your driveway or garage to finish the cleaning process quickly.

Supplies Required

  •  Pair of gloves
  • Scrapper
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket of water or pressure hose
  • Bristle brush
  • Cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  •  Car dryer
  • Shine protectant spray (optional)

Step-By-Step Guide

Wear Your Gloves

Whenever you start cleaning your floor mats, wear your gloves. These gloves act as a barrier and protect your hands against cleaner (especially if you have an allergy).

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Take the Floor Mats Off

After that, open the door of your car’s driver seat to take the floor mat off. If the floor mats have stay-put cleats, you can easily stash them off. The ones with clippers need to be unclipped first.

Move towards your front passenger seat and repeat the process. And the same goes for the back passenger seat.

Shake it Hard

Once you’ve taken them off, shake them. Whack three-piece floor mats are set against a hard surface, so the dirt and dust come off. In case there’s hardened dust accumulated in the ridges and grooves, use a scraper to pull it out.

Vacuum Clean the Dirt

For more precise and deep cleaning, you can also take advantage of your vacuum cleaner. Turn it on to the lowest settings and move it over your floor mat. It will capture the debris in the tight corners.

Throw Mats into the Washer

All the carpets and a few rubber mats allow you to wash them into the washing machine. Check the tagging or confirm it through the manufacturer to know if you can use this option. If not, keep reading.

Pressure Hose Your Mats

Fill your bucket of water or bring your hose to shed the dirt off. It’s more convenient to use a pressure hose than a bucket of water since the pressure easily gets the dirt out.

Make a Solution

Pull the cap of your spray bottle and start making the solution. Pour your cleaner (compatible with your floor mat material), add water, put on the cap, and shake the bottle well.

Remember, the ratio of cleaner and water would be 1:3.

Spray the Solution

Now spray the solution on your car floor mats. Make sure you spray a good amount on the stains to remove them like they never existed.

Scrub the Mats

Bring your bristle brush into action and start scrubbing. Use a small bristle brush for the edges to restore their finish. While scrub the large surface in the center using a large bristle brush. Do it for at least 2 to 3 minutes, and take a few minutes more if you have stubborn stains on your floor mats.

Rinse Your Mats

Rinse your floor mats using the pressure hose or the bucket of water. Shower the mats thoroughly, so the cleaner comes off easily.

Dry the Mats in the Air

Pat dry your Toyota car mats and expose them to the air. Hang them on the liner and layer them again on your car floor once they are completely dry. To gear up this process, you can use a car dryer.

Apply Shine Protectant (Optional)

If you want to keep up the aesthetics of Toyota car mats, use shine protectant spray. Apply it on every floor mat and make sure to coat it evenly. Rub the microfiber cloth gently against the surface of the mats.


We hope you find this guide on “how to clean Toyota floor mats” helpful.

When you start cleaning them, make sure to have every piece of equipment handy. Start by getting the floor mats off, hitting them against a hard surface, making a solution, spraying it on the mats, scrubbing them, and finally rinsing them.

Additionally, you can apply shine protectant to make your Toyota floor mats appear new and the car cabin fresh and free of smell.

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