How To Clean Mercedes Floor Mats Quickly?

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Realizing that your Mercedes car floor mats are packed with dirt, debris, and mud after the trip, you immediately plan to move forward with cleaning them.

However, how to clean Mercedes floor mats is the first question that would have popped into your mind, and so you are here.

Let us say you are in luck as we have described the detailed mat cleaning process below. Use it, clean your car mats, and let them serve you for long years to come.

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How to Clean Mercedes Floor Mats?

While some car owners protect their Mercedes carpeting using rubber or plastic floor mats, others layer the ground with carpet floor mats. So, the method described below applies to both of these materials.

Keep going and read till the end so you can clean and dry your mats properly.

Supplies Required

Before you get into the process, make sure to have all the equipment listed handy to clean your mats easily.

  • One pair of gloves
  • A water bucket or pressure hose
  • Two bristle brushes (small and large)
  • One spray bottle
  • A liquid cleaner
  • A microfiber towel
  • A car dryer
  • One shine protectant spray (optional)

Step-by-Step Guideline

Wear Your Gloves

Start the car floor mat cleaning procedure by wearing your gloves. These gloves will guard your hands against the cleaner you’ll be using in the process.

Move the Seat Forward

Open the doors of your Mercedes and move the driver seat back to take the floor mats off. You’d need to clip them off if it’s attached through one. Otherwise, just pull them out.

After the driver’s seat, move toward the front and back passenger seat and take off the mats. Never try to clean your car mats inside the car, as the residue of cleaner on the pedal will make it slippery, and an accident might occur.

Throw Mats into the Washing Machine

If your car floor mats are carpet, throwing them into the machine is an option. For that, we’d suggest cross-checking the tagging or calling the manufacturer for confirmation. In case you believe in handwashing, keep following the details given below.  

Make a Cleaner Mixture

Now that you have the mats moved outside the car make a mixture of the cleaner you’ve bought. Remember that the cleaner needs to be compatible with the type of floor mat.

Take your spray bottle and pour the cleaner first. Add some water to this cleaner. The ratio of cleaner and water will be 1:3, so pay attention to it.

Dab the Mats from the Back

Dab your car floor mats from the back. Slap them a little hard so that the dirt, debris, and mud shed off. If there’s stubborn sand or mud, you can use a vacuum cleaner over it.

Rinse the Mats

Bring your water bucket or hose and shower water on all of your floor mats. Rinse gently.

Spray the Mixture

Now, it’s time to spray the mixture you made earlier. Spray it even on the entire floor mats and a little more on the area with additional dirt.

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Scrub Your Floor Mats

Using the bristle brush, scrub on your floor mats. One pro tip is to use two stiff bristle brushes here. One large and the other one small. You can quickly clean the large surface with the large brush while the tight corners are easily reached through the small brush.

Rinse the Mats Again

When you are done scrubbing your floor mats, shower the mats with water again with your water bucket or hose. Make sure to spray water on every corner.

Dry the Mats

Rub your microfiber cloth gently on the surface of your Mercedes floor mats. To speed up the drying process, you can also use a wet vacuum cleaner or car dryer.

Apply Shine Protectant (Optional)

Sprinkle the shine protectant on the floor mats. Even coating this shine protectant is necessary. So, use your microfiber cloth and run it against the mats in one direction.

Shine protectant guards the luster of your floor mats and keeps them as good as new. However, if you want to skip this step, you can simply hang your floor mats on the liner after rinsing the cleaner solution.


By now, you’d know how to clean Mercedes floor mats quickly and easily.

Start your process wearing gloves, and take the mats off. Right after that, make a cleaner solution, apply it to your car mats, and scrub. After scrubbing, rinse it off, and apply the shiner if you want to keep your car mats as good as new.

Now, get started with the cleaning job and restore the fresh smell and aesthetics of your Mercedes car cabin.

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