The 3 Best Floor Mats For Tesla Model X [5, 6, 7 Seaters]

The content below is dedicated to recommending the best floor mats for Tesla Model X, along with the pros and cons and the salient features. So you can make a well-informed decision.

Moving on, let’s cut the crease and have a look at our favourite floor mats.

Best floor mats for Tesla Model X
TOUGHPRO ‎‎‎1312022004
floor liners for Tesla Model X
  • Complete set
  • Fit for 2022 – 2023
  • Rubber black mats
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Hump protection
Weathertech ‎‎‎448691
Car mats for Tesla Model X
  • For the front row only
  • Fit for 2022 – 2023
  • Multi color available
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Hump protection
TuxMat ‎‎‎‎‎8723 Liners for Model X
  • For the front & back rows
  • Fit for 2022 – 2024
  • Vinyl black mats
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Hump protection

Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model X 7 Seater – TOUGHPRO

  • Requires low maintenance
  • Mat anchors for additional safety
  • High-capacity surface to combat spills, moisture, and debris
  • Non-skid modelled nib backing
  • Gives maximum protection and coverage due to edge-to-edge designing
  • No trimming or cutting is required
  • Edges are not raised
  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: ‎41.1 lb
  • Size: ‎46.5 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Part No. ‎1312022004
  • Color: Black
  • No. of mats: 6
  • Position: Full set
  • Fitment: Vehicle specific
  • Tesla Model X Long Range / Plaid 7 Seater 2022
  • Tesla Model X Long Range / Plaid 7 Seater 2023
Best Floor Mats For Model X
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The first among our top picks are the Toughpro liners. They are designed to fight against debris and liquids. If you have a 7-seater Model X, this is for you.

Available in black color only, the brand uses a unique rubber compound material, a high-temperature-resistant rubber with industry-standard durability, enabling it to withstand hot weather.

The material also makes the mats super durable and retains moisture. So, in case your children are in the habit of rubbing their shoes on mats, it won’t affect the mat’s durability.

Moreover, the liners do not obstruct the use of pedals. They are precisely nibbed beneath to make the mat anti-skid and lock it in place. So, they hold their position no matter how you drive or the traffic inside your car – kids. Precisely cut edges on the underside of the mat make it non-slip and easy to clean and install.

The set includes 6 mats in total. One for the front driver’s side, one for the passenger side, and the rear seat area has its own mat. There’s also a large loading mat, a smaller mat that covers the hidden lower loading area, and even a mat for your butt.

The build of mats is sturdy and flexible. You can easily lift them and use sprays for fragrance and to keep everything fresh. However, we discovered that its edges are not raised, so dirt might get under these mats.

Reasonably priced, these mats fit perfectly and will give you a good value for your money. Check out their price and availability on this date.

First Row Tesla Model X Weathertech Floor Liners [Buying Guide]

  • Solid modeling
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick to install
  • Customizable
  • Snug fitting
  • Durable
  •  A bit difficult to clean
  • Part No. 448691
  • Color: Multiple 
  • No. of mats: 2
  • Position: Front 
  • Fitment: Vehicle specific
  • Tesla Model X

WeatherTech FloorLiners provide edge-to-edge underfoot coverage to protect your carpet from dirt, water, snow, and other contaminants that may enter your Tesla floor or interior.

Additionally, compared to the Toughpro mat mentioned above, these liners feature a large, pronounced lip on the rim (especially the back) and a pattern that directs fluid from the foot into the reservoir in the rear.

Although those mats cost approximately two times that of a number of their rivals, they provide excellent coverage, so it’s worth spending on.  

The mats get you a higher shape than regular mats can provide. Plus, they use the factory-hooked-up factors at the driver`s facet to preserve them steady and in place.

It’s also designed for over 1,000 vehicles and is available with the broadest range of fitment than any other liner. Meeting and exceeding all standards, compared to standard mats, WeatherTech inserts are more robust and durable.

It also performs better than most aftermarket mats. Their precision craftsmanship is second to none. So, we give WeatherTech floor liners a big yes. Check out their price and availability on this date.

5 Seater Model X All Weather AFfordable Car Mats – TuxMat

  • Good coverage
  • Leather texture to match the interior of Model X
  • 3-layer durable material
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Might be difficult to clean during the rainy season
  • Position: Front and Rear
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: ‎31 x 24 x 11 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: ‎11.04 lb
  • Fitment: Vehicle Specific
  • Part No. ‎337
  • Tesla Model X 5 Seater 2022
  • Tesla Model X 5 Seater 2024

If you have pets or kids, Tuxmats mats are made for you. They are easy to install and remove and will uplift the luxurious look of the interior of your Tesla Model X.

Available in black color only, the material of the mat is a three-layer construction. The top layer is PVC to provide durability and matching texture, and the middle layer is EVA to provide a durable vertical structure. While the bottom layer is a non-slip fabric to protect your car’s carpet increases.

This is a complete kit that covers both the front and back rows. Custom floor mats designed specifically for the Tesla Model X 5-Seater 2022-2024 models. So, make sure your Tesla comes from these years.

They will shield your vehicle’s interior in both winter and summer. You can grab them without thinking about the weather conditions.

Though if you self-clean your Tesla, know that leather material requires moping. So, in rainy weather, if you have little riders or pets, you would need to either put the mats in the sun afterward or mop them up to clean them.

Types of Floor Mats for Model X

The Market has many types of floor mats that deliver the same and unique features. Some may align with Tesla, and some may not. To select the matching liners, it’s important to know what your car needs. 

We’ve explored lots of mats and the following are the types that will be best for Model X.

Custom Floor Mats

Custom or vehicle-specific floor mats are designed for particular car models and years. They won’t fit other vehicles. The manufacturers use 3D technology to scan the contouring of a vehicle model and then design liners for it. That’s why it makes the mats the best fit for that model. 

Many floor mat brands do so for Tesla Model X. They make liners for the car by scanning the footwell so that no space remains uncovered. They cost more than non-custom mats, however, they’re worth buying. 

So filter out the mats based on the fitment for the Model X, and pick vehicle-specific liners, as we’ve mentioned above. 


The other type is universal. As the name sounds, they’re universal and can be fit for many cars. Just trim it according to the contouring of your car model. It’s also known as trim-to-fit floor mats. Though they’re cheaper, they won’t be the perfect fit for Model X unless you’re good and measuring and trimming. 

You’ll need to perfectly measure the footwell, and cut the mats accordingly. That less money spent will be replaced by your time and the cutter to buy if you don’t have it. So this is also an option for you. It’s up to you what to pick. But it’s not recommended. Just spend a few bucks more and don’t get a headache. 

What to look for when choosing floor liners for Tesla Model X

The time you want to replace your OEM mats with new floor liners or want to further protect the carpet, you will come across many car mat brands and types. People who buy it for the first time will be confused about the options, and features it delivers.

It’s better to listen to an expert, read about it online, and know some of its key components before you opt for any floor mats.

We’ve thrown light on some of the key features of a floor liner when choosing it for Tesla Model X so that you order the right product. 

No. of Seats

Since Model X has a varying number of seats, you would either be having 5, 6, or 7 seaters, it’s a wise decision to explore the products accordingly. This way you will save your money as well as time. 

You can also choose a single-row mat – first, second or third row if just one-row replacement is the need of an hour. If you want a complete set, then you should buy one that’s specific to that seater Model X.

Raised Edges of the Best floor mats for Tesla Model X

After you’ve found a few products, then filter them based on elevated edge mats. These mats trap the liquid, or spill inside and do not allow them to escape the mats. You will keep the carpet clean if some sand or debris gets onto the liners and wants to clean them up.

Retention Hooks

Floor mats with a retention system keep them stuck in their position. They move around with feet if you don’t retain them. Especially if you have children or pets in your vehicle, which could misplace the liners, so always choose the products with retention posts. 


Liners and floor mats are an important part of the vehicle’s interior. They give a clean look to the car and protect the original carpeting from wear and tear. While looking for the most appropriate one for your Tesla Model X, it is best to look for one that is made up of rubber as they are durable and anti-skid, easy to clean and maintain.

Our top pick among the best floor mats for Tesla Model X is from ToughPro. They have everything that can enhance the look of your Tesla X. Besides, they are durable, pleasing, and give maximum protection to your vehicle’s carpet.

Check out its price and availability on this date from the table above. 

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