Does Tesla Model X, Y, S & 3 Come With Floor Mats

Does Tesla Come with Floor Mats
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Tesla models are among the best new electric cars you can buy, but the choice of protective equipment might be questionable. Not all the trims of Tesla models come with floor mats included, so you need to buy after-market mats for some models.

So, if you are an owner of Standard Range models, you will need to find the best floor mats after the purchase. Still, some Tesla models come with fabric liners, so here’s a short overview for every Tesla owner.

Does Tesla Model 3 Come with Floor Mats

The owners of the Tesla Model 3 will have to settle with aftermarket floor mats in the lower trims. So, if you own a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, no floor mats are included. Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Performance versions come with fabric floor mats. Recently, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus also comes with floor mats as standard equipment, as confirmed by Tesla

However, you should note that Tesla’s mats are made of fabric and don’t offer the protection level that custom-fit rubber ones do. So, even if you buy a higher trim of the Tesla Model 3, you will probably have to buy an aftermarket set of floor mats.

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Does Tesla Model S Come with Floor Mats

Tesla floor mats
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If you buy a new Tesla Model S, you will get a set of standard carpeted mats with all versions as listed in Tesla’s standard equipment guide. However, if you want to opt-in for the all-weather set, you’ll need to buy them from the online store or find them through car retailers outside Tesla’s saloon.

There’s a possibility to find official Tesla all-weather mats, but you will have to pay for those additionally. So, the Model S has some carpet protection, but it might not suffice for harsh winter conditions and prevent all the mud or melting ice from reaching your OEM carpet.

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Does Tesla Model X Come with Floor Mats

With the new Tesla Model X, you will get a set of standard floor mats for the seat areas according to If you have a 7-seater, you will have to find an aftermarket mat set for the 3rd row, and the cargo mat has to be purchased as an extra as well.

The standard mats are only suitable for initial protection, and winter all-weather mats need to be purchased additionally.

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Fabric Tesla Model Y Mats

You get a set of standard carpeted floor mats for Tesla Model Y upon purchase. These mats are not suitable for bad weather areas and all-weather protection aftermarket mats come in as a better solution, as stated by They are still a good fabric option for OEM carpet protection in dry areas as you need to vacuum them for cleaning.

If you prefer rubber mats or TPE all-weather mats, these can only be found for Tesla Model Y as an aftermarket option.

Fabric Tesla Mats vs All-Weather Mats

While some Tesla models come with a set of fabric liners, there’s no Tesla variant with a fabric all-weather mat set. The carpeted fabric mats are included in most Tesla cars, and they are custom-fit, but not suitable for all weather conditions.

Carpeted mats might also be more difficult for cleaning because you will have to vacuum them. The rubber Tesla mats can be a perfect solution for heavy-duty protection and preserving the carpet in a saloon shape.

The all-weather mats for Tesla can also be found from different brands, and they might come in more affordable than some carpeted official Tesla mats. So, if you buy a Tesla Model 3 in trims that don’t include any floor mats, you could find proper all-weather mats for the price of carpeted ones.


Some Tesla models like the Model X and Model S come with carpet mats included in all trims, while others like Model 3 don’t include the mats for all versions. You should be careful with the specifics since there’s no cargo liner included in variations like with the Model X.

The stock mats are a decent custom-fit option for the Tesla Models that come with the set included, often for Long Range models.

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