Do New Cars Come With Floor Mats

Do New Cars Come With Floor Mats
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When buying a new car, the last thing you want to do is spare a few bucks on protective elements that maintain the resale price. And while the carpeted floor mats should come with the vehicle, it all depends on the dealer as some retailers don’t include the mats.

Carpeted mats are not the best solution either, and rare are the dealers that give you custom-fit rubber mats with the car. It’s often just the unwanted additional cost for the dealer, so here’s a guide on the matter to help you out.

Optional Floor Mats For New Cars

New cars that come with proper floor mats are not that rare of sight, but you still won’t always find the set included. It’s because the floor mats are listed as optional equipment with the dealer’s car order from the manufacturer.

Usually, dealers won’t risk it with budget cars as ordering floor mats alone only comes as an extra cost. However, with luxury cars, you will often find branded floor mats that protect the fabric carpet. You should check with your car retailer saloon to see if the car mats come with the vehicle originally before purchasing it.

However, one thing to have in mind is that the floor mats coming with the car are not always the best ones.  As an example, the mentioned carpeted floor mats that come with most new cars are not as protective as TPE or rubber all-weather mats.

They don’t always come with outlets for fabric carpet max fasteners or hooks in the car, so this can cause sliding all over the floor. Also, they are not as efficient in preserving the OEM carpet from water and snow as the after-market rubber mats.

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Standard Mats in Saloon Cars

Sometimes the dealers will offer standard or universal floor mats with the new cars. These mats fit into most vehicles with a one-size-fits-most policy. You can additionally trim the mats and cut them following the lines and edges to make them suit your vehicle.

While they are not as protective as custom-fit mats, it’s better to buy a new car with them so you can protect the carpet until you find a better option. Having a proper set of floor mats is especially important with new cars, as you can preserve the OEM carpet in a saloon shape with this kind of protection.

The Difference Between Factory and Aftermarket Mats

There are many differences between fabric mats included by the car dealer and the aftermarket ones, including the following:

·        Factory mats are usually standard ones

·        Aftermarket mats can be custom-made

·        Aftermarket mats can be made with a 3D scan for a better fit

·        Factory mats rarely include a cargo mat in the set

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So, most retailers equip new cars with just universal carpeted mats, and buying a custom-fit option can improve the cleanliness of your interior. Some brands use 3D laser scan technology to make a perfect fit for your car make and model.

Not only can you protect the carpet from all the dirt and mud this way, but you won’t have to bother trimming or cutting the mat. It’s even possible to get a warranty with aftermarket mats, so you still get that dose of security even if something goes wrong in the first few years of use.

Also, you will rarely get a trunk mat with the new car, so buying an aftermarket set with a trunk mat can save you a lot of trouble.

Final Thoughts

If you are buying a new car and there’s no floor mat set included, you can inquire with the dealer and see if you can buy a set with the car. Some dealers have the option to pay extra for the mats and other protective equipment.

Car dealers that also sell automotive equipment can provide a set of floor mats for your new car on the spot, even if there are no fabric mats in the car. So, even though most cars should come with carpeted mats, you can get an easy solution by ordering custom-fit mats. It’s up to you to decide if the protection level provided by carpeted mats is sufficient for your new car.

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