How To Clean Jeep Floor Mats Deeply?

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How to clean jeep floor mats is a question every Jeep owner has. And, probably, you are the one searching for an answer to the same question. Let us say you are in luck since we are about to answer it below.

Stick around and do follow the procedure described under. Keep note of the tips to prevent your jeep mats from being damaged.  

How To Clean Jeep Floor Mats?

Before we get into the process, let us mention that you can follow the instruction for both plastic and rubber floor mats. No matter what type of material your manufacturer has used, clean your floor mats worry-free.

Supplies Required

Equip yourself with the supplies mentioned to run the cleaning process smoothly.

  •  Pair of gloves
  •  Pressure washer or hose or bucket of water
  •  Bristle brush
  •  Cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber towel
  • Car dryer
  • Shine protectant spray (optional)

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If Your Mats are Slightly Dirty

Put on Gloves

Wear your gloves. It will keep your hands safe during the process.

Pull off the Mats

Get the seat of your jeep all the way back. If you have clippers holding the mats on the floor, pull the floor mats up and stash them out. Otherwise, you can just take them off with your hands.

Shed the Dirt Off 

Shake your mats to shed the debris stuck to them. If some of it is left, use your vacuum cleaner to get it off.

Install them Back 

If there are no spills and stains, you can install them back. For deep cleaning, follow the process below.

If Your Mats Stink and are dirty enough

Put on Gloves 

Wear your gloves to protect your hands from hurting. This will also prove beneficial if you are allergic to dirt or the cleaner.

Make a Mixture 

Use a spare spray bottle and pour car cleaner or all-purpose cleaner inside. Add water to this bottle to make a diluted solution. Remember, the ratio of cleaner and water should be 1:3.

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Remove Car Mats

Move the seat of your jeep all the way back. Remove the car mats from the floor, detaching the clips if they have one.

Shake Mats Hard 

Shake mats hard to get the dirt and debris out. Use a vacuum cleaner to catch all the dry elements, including sand and mud.

Pour the Water 

Rinse the mats with the hose or water from the bucket you have. Spray the water and cleaner mixture on the mats you made earlier. It should be sprayed all over the mats.

Scrub Against the Mats 

Take your bristle brush and scrub it against your floor mats. It would be better if you use both a small and a large brush. A small brush will reach the corners, while a large brush will quickly help you clean a wide surface.

Shower the Mats 

Rinse the floor mats again to remove the spray mixture. Make sure to shower water on every corner. Turn on your car dryer and move it over the mats. Keep a good distance between the dryer and the mat, though.

If you don’t have a car dryer, hanging mats on a cloth liner will get it dry. However, it’ll take multiple hours.

Sprinkle Car Shiner 

Sprinkle the car shiner all over your floor mats. However, spray it evenly and in one direction for a nice coating.

Rub Microfiber Cloth 

Wait for a minute and rub your microfiber cloth on the surface of the jeep floor mats. Move your hand in one direction for evenness.

Now, your jeep floor mats will be as good as new. Install them back, take a long trip, and enjoy!


By now, you must have got your answer on “how to clean jeep floor mats.” This process is applicable to plastic and rubber mats, and it is quite easy to get your mats back in good shape.

Before starting the cleaning, make sure you are equipped with the supplies required. Although it’s optional to coat your mats with a shiner, doing that will restore their finish.

That’s it from our side. Make sure you keep the details in view when cleaning. Do let us know if you have questions through the comment section.

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