How to Keep Car Floor Mats From Sliding [Easy Steps]

How to Keep Car Floor Mats From Sliding

Do your car floor liners shift and want to prevent them from moving around? Well, you found the solution because you’ve reached this far. This article features several ways: how to keep car floor mats from sliding.

Let’s dive in.

How to Keep Car Floor Mats From Sliding

Sliding floor mats can be dangerous especially if they come over the pedals. They won’t cover the carpet completely if they’re shifting around. 

1. Hooks or retention posts

Almost every car has retention clips installed on the floor. They’re mainly there to keep car mats from sliding. But they are not effective until the floor mats that you’re going to place there have holes. 

The retention system varies depending on the vehicle’s brand and model. If you have vehicle-specific floor mats, their holes will align with the car’s floor retention system. Some cars have hooks, while others have clips and posts that don’t work the same way.

If your car has a twist retention system, you will need to place the mats in such a way that the mat’s posts come over the floor’s retainers. 

2. Floor mats Anchors

If your car or floor mats have no clips, you can use aftermarket floor mat anchors. If the lines have no holes, you can make them by using a tool that comes with the package. The anchors can be used on any floor liner and on any vehicle. 

  • The anchor’s lower jaws are half inches and they can easily penetrate the footwell carpet. However, you need to mark the spot on the footwell where the anchors can easily penetrate. Using a hammer or with your hands can help you find a thud or soft ground. 
  • Then mark that area on the footwell as well as on the floor mat. Install it, and you will find where the spot comes over thud.
  • Make a hole on the mats with the hole cutter that comes with the package. 
  • Install the new anchors, with the cap up and the anchor under the mats. You can use washers if they come with the set. 
  • Tie down the cap and the anchor on each side of the hole on the mat. 
  • Install two such anchors on each mat to hug the footwell like glue.
  • Now put the floor mats in their position. Make sure they perfectly fit the contouring. The anchors should line up with the padded area marked up before.
  • Press the anchors’ caps with your foot or hit them with a hammer so they completely penetrate the carpet. 
  • The mats won’t move from now on.You can unscrew the anchor’s head whenever you want to remove the mats for washing. 

[Video] How to Keep Car Floor Mats From Sliding

3. Use carpet dual-side tapes

If your floor mata has no retention posts, tape them down. Use dual side tapes so that one side sticks the mats and the other side glues the carpet. This is not as effective a solution as the rest, but this helps you temporarily keep the floor mats from sliding.

Remove the floor mats and put them on the floor upside down. Clean the mats if there’s any debris. Apply the tape on the mats by removing their adhesive surface. Cover the boundaries as well as the center. Apply the mats on the liner’s diagonal for maximum performance.

Then, clean the footwell. Remove the other layer from the mats and install them carefully. Press the areas where there is the tape so it can grab the carpet firmly. Whenever you want to wash the mats, you will need to use new tape stripes. 

4. 3D Scanned floor liners

If the above methods don’t meet what you were expecting, you can buy new floor liners for your car. Floor liners are designed after 3D scanning the footwell of a car model to manufacture the mats that perfectly fit. This leaves no space for them to move. They also feature retainers or fasteners.

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