How To Remove Floor Mat Clips or Anchors?

How to remove floor mat clips

Do you want to remove your car’s floor mat clips to pull out the liners? Do you want to remove the broken anchors to replace them with new ones? If so, you’ve found the solution.

Let’s get straight into the process.

How to Remove Floor Mat Clips to pull it out for Cleaning Purposes

Car footwells have various types of retention systems that keep the liners in their place. Each type has a separate way of locking or unlocking the mat. Though they are there for a good reason, it’s important to know which type of retainers your car has and how to use them so that you can quickly remove them whenever you want to clean the mats. 

Some floor mats are also designed for specific clips and they may not work with every system. Such mat brands deliver the clips that the mats are designed for so that you can replace them with your vehicle anchors if they don’t match. 

Let’s walk through some of the most common retention systems and how they work.

Bayonet Bottom Retention System 

There are vehicles that have circular pads in their footwell. They usually don’t have hooks or buttons to secure the liners. However, they should be removed with a hand or a screwdriver, and then install the new clips.

If your car has a Bayonet Bottom retention system – most BMWs have – you’ll need to either buy separate clips or check the new mats if they come with the clips.  

Now that you already have the mats in their place and just want to remove them, follow this way: Put one hand under the mats around the post and pull the mat out. This type of system is also known as the Hook retention system.

Twist Retention System 

As the name sounds, you will need to rotate the post counterclockwise to remove the mats. Honda and Toyota vehicles have this type of system. Just twist it 90 degrees, and remove the mats. For reinstallation, place the liner in its position, and twist the hook back.

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Post Retention Device or Button Clips

Audi, Chevy, Ford, Porsche, and VW have button clips. All you need to do is to press the retainer post in the middle with your thumb and lift the mat from the corner. If it cannot be pressed with the thumb, you can use something narrow like a pencil head. 

This system has quick operation. Just snap in and the mat locks. Snap out, and the mat unlocks. 

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Removing the anchors to install new ones. 

If you have somehow broken the anchors and they cannot lock the mats, you’ll need to replace them. You’ll need new clips which can be purchased from Amazon below, and a screwdriver and clip-prying tool.

All types of anchors can be removed by inserting the clip-prying tool underneath and pulling it out. They are installed in the OEM carpet and can be removed quickly. The twist lock clips will be taken out with the screwdriver. Insert it underneath and circulate it through the post so it becomes loose. Then remove the clip.

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Using a prying tool, you can remove the footwell clips to replace them with new ones. A screwdriver would also be handy with some retention systems. Make sure to do it carefully without damaging the carpet. 

If you were here to remove or unlock the clips or anchors so you can take out the mats, follow the methods specified for the retention system your car has. 

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