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Looking for a floor mat but can’t decide between Maxpider and Weathertech? Well, after reading this post, 


Let’s first explore the fitment of both products since this gives you a clue of whether the mats fit your car. Or how many choices you’ve got when it comes to fitment. 

Car floor mats could either be universal or vehicle specific. As the names sound, they can either be trimmed according to the contouring of any car or specific to one car model. The former mats are a bit cheaper than the later ones. 

Luckily, Weathertech and 3D Maxpider manufacture both types of mats. It is up to you which one you choose, keeping the budget in mind. 

The vehicle-specific fit liners of either brand are recommended due to quick installation and no trimming required. Measuring the footwell and then cutting the mats accordingly can be a headache for some people who are not good at DIY.

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Tread Design

The surface channels and treads are essential in liquid trapping and shoe slippage. They don’t allow any spill to escape the mats and are handy when you want to remove them for cleaning – the debris will still stay there. 

A frictionless surface also causes foot slipping, which can be hacked by making the upper layer non-frictional – more channels. 

In the tread design, Weathertech wins over 3D Maxpider. It has deep channels, which are handy for debris traps and shoe gripping. The latter brand has a textured surface but does not feature as deep channels as Weathertech. 

The fiber texture does enhance the friction that allows better shoe gripping. However, preventing the liquid or spill from escaping the mats is inadequate. There’s another factor involved in the liquid trapping that comes ahead. 

With that, the cargo liners of Maxpider mats have channels somewhat similar to the Weathertech. They’re more important for the front mats than for the cargo.

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Retention System

The surface treads keep the spill inside and deliver shoe gripping. What’s more important than that is the mat’s grip on the carpet itself. The surface grip won’t be as effective until it is firmly placed in the area and doesn’t move.

Here comes the retention system that sticks the mats to the carpet like glue. It involves the snapping posts and the small nibs at the backside. Both disallow the lines to move. Both brands feature clips, not nibs. 

Maxpider floor mats do have an anti-skidding back, thanks to the fibers. The clips or posts are enough for the floor mats to stay in their position. The nibs are further added security. 

If your car has no posts or grommets, or if they’re broken, the retention post won’t be effective.  

You should opt for nibbed floor mats or buy separate posts and install them, then install the carpets.

Due to the retention posts and fibrous backside, 3D Maxpider wins over Weathertech, that only has clips. 

3D Scanning

The vehicle-specific floor mats are designed using 3D scanning technology that scans the footwell of a car model and then creates liners that perfectly fit there without leaving a cm uncovered. 3D Maxpider floor mat vs Weathertech both use this technology. 

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Raised Edges

The elevated lips can only be found on car-specific floor liners since they have been scanned for contouring. They’re helpful for several reasons: they grasp the foot well, preventing the mats from shifting.

When you want to remove the mats to clean them, all the debris, liquid, and spill won’t escape the mats, thanks to the raised edges. Thanks to both brands – Weathertech vs 3D Maxpider floor mats – they have increased the boundaries. 


Depending on the surface layer, 3D Maxpider floor liners are of three types. They are either Kagu, Elegant or Classic liners. Kagu floor mats are made of rubber with carbon fiber. They are lighter. While the Elegant rugs have soft and plush surfaces.

Weathertech mats are of two types: Floor liners & Floor Liners HP. The former mats are stiff and rigid, while the latter is a bit softer and made of flexible materials. 


Both brands have multiple color floor mats, so you pick the ones that best suit your car’s interior. They have Tan, Gray, and Black mats. Weathertech has four types of carpets with color variations. The fourth one is Cocoa.

Hump Coverage

The hump coverage is essential because if the liquid spills there, it could flow under the mats to the carpet, and the mats won’t prevent them. If the rear mats come in a single unit and cover the hump, that’s a plus point. Luckily, both brands have hump coverage.


Maxpider and Weathertech floor mats are made of different materials that deliver various benefits. 3D Maxpider products are TPE Rubber in nature. Weathertech products, on the other hand, are either Vinyl or Plastic. They’re mostly made from Thermoplastic rubbers. 

Car Models

If you’ve heard enough about the brand’s pros and cons, let’s check whether they manufacture mats for the car you have. The two brands are designed for almost all vehicle brands and their numerous models. We’ll list down the rows below.

Weathertech = Acura • Audi • BMW • Buick • Cadillac • Chevrolet • Daihatsu • Dodge • Ferrari • Ford • GMC • Honda • Hummer • Hyundai • Infiniti • Isuzu • Jeep •

Kia • Land Rover • Lexus • Lincoln • Maserati • Mazda • Mercedes-Benz® • Mercury • Mini • Mitsubishi • Nissan • Oldsmobile • Pontiac • Porsche® • Saab •

Saturn • Scion • Smart • Subaru • Suzuki • Toyota • Volkswagen • Volvo •

3D Maxpider: Acura • Audi • BMW • Buick • Cadillac • Chevrolet • • Dodge • • Ford • GMC • Honda • • Hyundai • Infiniti • • Jeep • Jaguar

Kia • Land Rover • Lexus • Lincoln • • Mazda •  Mercedes-Benz® • • Mini • • Nissan • • • Porsche® • Tesla

• • • Subaru • • Toyota • Volkswagen • Volvo •

Made In

Weathertech floor liners and floor liner HP are made in the USA, and their brand story can be found here. Although the rival plans to make a manufacturing center in the USA, they’re now making the products in Taiwan and China. Read more about their story here.

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