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OEDRO Floor Mats Review [Key Features]

Following are the key features of the Oedro floor mats. 

3D Scanning Technology

Oedor floor mats use a 3D technology that scans the footwell of a car model and designs vehicle-specific floor liners. This way, the floor mats cover all the floor area and protect the carpet completely. 

With this scanning technology, you don’t need to trim the Oedro floor mats to fit your car. The job has already been done for you. Just make sure to buy mats that are specific to your car model.

Keep reading to know further about the car companies that Oedro makes floor mats for. 


Floor mat material plays an important role because it keeps the liquid from reaching the carpet, and more. Oedro floor liners are made from a thermoplastic elastomer that gives an all-weather performance. Such material delivers odorless, toxic-free nature to the mats.

The floor mats withstand snow, rain, fog, and extreme temperature with their all-weather nature. The material contains no latex, cadmium, lead, or any harmful PVC that is negative to your health. Oedor floor mats are impermeable that prevent any water or liquid from leaking into the carpet. 


The Oedro floor mats have anti-slipping surfaces. That’s because of the grooved lines, which enable a friction full surface, providing a secure grip for your feet. Even if your shoes are wet, you will have a better grip over the mats. 

Vehicle Specific Floor Liners

When it comes to floor mats, there’s one drawback – fitment. Every car has a very limited footwell space. And the liners should perfectly fit there. If you opt for universal mats that need trimming to fit, that’s your choice.

But vehicle-specific floor mats are way better than fit-to-trim mats. Thanks to Oedro that makes your job easier. Oedor has vehicle-specific floor mats for many models. For the perfect fit, remove factory mats or carpets, then it won’t let any gap unfill. The mats also cover the area under the gas pedals on the driver’s side.

All-Weather Nature

The brand’s floor mats are all-weather friendly. They are flexible in extreme weather conditions – cold or hot. They also resist wear and tear. Thanks to the TPE material that makes it possible. 

3D Raised Borders

One of the best features that the Oedro floor mats have is the 3D raised borders that keep water or anything that gets spoiled inside the liners. It will remain there even if you want to remove the mats for cleaning purposes. The dirt won’t escape off the sides. 

Floor Mats and Cargo Mats

Oedro company manufactures floor mats for the front, rear, and cargo trunks. You can choose either front mats, rear mats, cargo mats, a full set, or front & rear liners. The rear mats of Oedro do not cover the area under the front seats. However, some Oedor liners for Tesla models do cover.

The rear mats come in a single piece for most of the models. This means the hump gets protected as well with the liners, which is a plus point. 

Snap-in Clips

The mats feature snap-in clips that prevent them from shifting around or sliding. You will need to snap the clips into the anchors of your car floor. If your car model does not have locks on the floor, the mats won’t stick to the floor obviously.

Hump Protection

As mentioned above, the back floor liners come in one piece, protecting the hump as well, whereas some other brands don’t cover the hump. And when something spoils at the back, it will reach out to the carpet due to the uncovering area. 

OEDRO Floor Mats Come for the Following Vehicle Models

Oedro company makes floor mats for the given car brands and models. 

The Conclusion

Besides so many brands in the market, Oedro is also one of the best floor mat brands. You can choose this brand for your car’s carpet protection. Make sure to choose the right model for your car. You can further explore Oedro floor mats on Amazon by clicking the button below.  

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